Detect scam or genuine

Is it scam or genuine? In this world internet has made us easier and comfortable in any kind of requirement on our daily life. But many websites, software, seller, shop are scam some are genuine. People do hard work for earn some money on websites but scam websites are not paying for the work people has done, many software are fake which doesnot really work but containing virus so the person finding for a software not getting that but he has been a victim of hacker with a virus. many people are paying for shop online but that are scam so people doesnot getting deliver their product. So its most important to know the tools or website is scam or genuine. You can get it easily. If you cheek the following details then i think you never face any scam websites, easily you can understand which websites and software are legit, genuine and which are fake/ scam.


  • https:// is containing SSL certificate. If the websites about payments it should contain https not only http
  • If you work on ptc site which mean paid to clicks its difficult to get which ptc sites are genuine/ legit and which are scam. Most of the ptc sites are paying fo few days then they stop paying. So when you working on ptc sites you should cheek the sites current status on some forum and social media.
  • You can cheek any websites on this website their reputation and what are saying people about the website and software. Just cheek it on

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